January 2017 Conference

Louisville, Kentucky – January 20-21, 2017
At the Historic Seelbach Hotel

Hear your favorite speakers from the Classical Education Unplugged Panel.

Perrin-crop Andrew-crop Carol_crop4 Martin-crop andrew_pudewa

Chris Perrin

Andrew Kern

Carol Reynolds

Martin Cothran

Andrew Pudewa

The truth will set you free, a wise man once said. If that’s true — and we believe it is — then we ought to pursue it above all else. Yet, in our day, “Truth” is something of a dirty word.

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If he believes truth actually exists at all, the modern man typically doesn’t believe it’s knowable, and he certainly doesn’t believe there’s such a thing as Truth that is universal to all men. You have your truth, he says, and I’ll have mine. Let’s leave it at that, he insists.

This is what we’re up against. This is what our students are being raised to believe.

That Truth exists and is knowable is one of the central tenets of classical education and unless we hold fast to it, the Christian classical renewal will never be complete.

So join the Classical Consortium this January as we explore this idea and what it means to our schools, homes, and communities. We’ll be there ready to contemplate alongside you.

See you there.

Be inspired. Be challenged. Be renewed.



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